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Top 5 Graphic Design Trends For 2022

Creativity sparks the imagination, which means being bold, expressive, and inspirational. Meanwhile, pragmatism means being realistic based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. And check out the best infographic makers if you’re inspired to create your own.

graphic design trends 2022

In 2020, the geometric pattern style was made popular through Abstract Geometry, and the popularity continued to rise in 2021. With the influence of creative pragmatism, expect to see more creative usage of icons to come up with abstract, asymmetrical patterns. The past year’s events paved the way forpsychedelic design reimagined, bold and experimental designs fueled by aclamor for changeandintentional communication. We also saw howsocial media presence is crucial for brand survival, and how the desire for brands to be authentic is stronger than ever.

Bold Fonts

This year, vintage elements of 70s’ psychedelic art will pair well with futuristic ones. What’s the best part is that candy colors can be used in almost all areas of graphic design, from web design, through animation, illustration design, to typography. It’s a great way to draw attention as candy colors tend to be friendly and a bit psychedelic and mesmerizing.

  • Creating visual marketing materials that appeal to wider audiences is fast becoming the default.
  • Expect a fairly clear slant toward Cyberpunk logos and designs, as marketers aim to capitalize on the goodwill generated by the film’s premiere and promotional run.
  • And I think that versatility is what will make them even better and more useful in 2017.
  • Crypto art has attracted a lot of attention over the last few years, and with some people spending millions on memes, now might be a good time to explore the NFT trend.
  • Doodles are more than just random shapes that you doodle when your mind wanders during a zoom presentation.

We’re quite nostalgic ourselves as well and the era of bold visuals keeps on being a trend, just as it should be. It brings you back to ‘better’ times where everything was just, simpler. Since software development to create 3D artwork has not stood still, it’s much easier to get your hands on it was a few years ago and this certainly shows the released work since then.

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Now as the novelty starts to wear off, I believe that gradients are going to be used as one of the standard elements of graphic design. When you’re working with a white background, try to use lighter muted colors and vice versa for black backgrounds. This will ensure that the colors blend well, instead of introducing a lot of harsh contrast. Brand colorsbeing used, but if they would have used vivid colors the images would be a lot more abrasive. This would obviously mean that sans serif fonts are missing those.

graphic design trends 2022

This simplistic design provides usability, which is why this trend is unlikely to cease to be relevant soon. Along with visual trends, we also present technological trends, keeping in mind that design is design, in fact, engineering work, and not just the selection of gradients. We value things not for their color and style, but for how well they solve problems. The teapot handle, its shape, and material is part of the design. If there is no handle or it gets very hot, the kettle is not a kettle.

Mailchimp has paired its brand fontswith the right visuals on its homepage to create that effect. Interestingly, while flat icons and illustrations were all the rage for 2021, we’re now seeing a mix. Easily design visuals like the above using the Venngage poster maker. This is a trend that has caught on with other brands, even outside the entertainment sphere.

The refreshed work draws inspiration from MailChimp’s mascot Freddie, providing personality through a graphic line, playful colour palette, and a memorable bouncy motion behaviour. “The updated system is highly expressive and functional simultaneously,” says Mitch. “A suite of motion-based toolkits accompany traditional brand guidelines to empower MailChimp’s teams, so implementation is simple and remains consistent across all platforms.”

Brands need to share announcements, contests or product launches on all channels. Then people started getting frustrated with the same quotes showing up all the time. Inspirational quotes from marketing gurus, business tycoons and experts were everywhere. Don’t rely on memes as the sole method of visual communication.

According to, we will likely see even more graphic designs inspired by clean shapes, geometric compositions, and bright primary color palettes in the near future. A few graphic design trends have risen to the top in recent years and dreamy doodles are one of them. In the digital space, we’re always bombarded with content from everywhere, so it gets tricky for designers to curate content that will potentially stand out from the crowd. Skilled professionals in the field have a good eye for colors.

This artistic style is particularly useful when designers want to convey a complex message. But this year will likely bring more whimsy, experimentation, and character elements to the graphic design world. In the post pandemic world, eco-friendly consciousness goes beyond our response to being quarantined. As climate change-related crises touch our lives, we’re beginning to look at nature as more than just a muse for our design project, but as a home we’re afraid to lose. Plus, memes help brands and audiences meet on a more personal level. They’re an inexpensive way to get your brand in front of people.

This is a great way to evoke nostalgia while also appearing elegant and calming. Doodling, abstract drawing, and sketching — nothing of these is new to designers and illustrators. Moreover, they were edgy years ago, and it’s quite strange to see them in the list of modern graphic design trends. However, creative doodling returns not just as a relaxed paper wandering but a full-fledged element of branding concepts. As usual, most of the mega-trends are smoothly transferred from the previous year. This applies to geometric shapes, calm illustrations, and simple infographics.

Graphic Design Trends 2022:

What are your observations and predictions about graphic design trends in 2022? Graphic design trends 2022 resonate with our strive to find meaning and pleasure in hard times and to break what holds us down. Creators from all over the world gain strength with an open mind to craft mesmerizing designs with vivid colors, movement, perfect imperfection, and futurism. To complement all the trends with the last one in the style of GraphicMama, 3D characters have invaded the graphic design space in apps, websites, and animation. These characters adapt to 2D design, holographic, candy color design, and everything we’ve talked about in Graphic Design trends of 2022.

This experimental typography trend applies typographic deviations from the normal, just like anti-design. For example, one of the popular tv series of 2022 uses it pretty well. Don’t you all have friends who started to prefer more eco-friendly products to be healthier and started to care about their carbon footprint? Following that, we are more accustomed to seeing 3D visuals on our screens. That’s why 3D design has become so popular, especially in character creation.

More brands and designers are adding vivid colors to their palettes for 2019 and beyond. The muted color palettes blend well with the new crop of genuine and authentic stock photos. It’s pretty easy to create your own branded GIFs, even if you don’t have a designer on staff. These branded GIFs will have a much bigger impact on your audience, especially in the digital world and on social media.

How To Become A Graphic Designer In Less Than A Year

Playful experimental typography is a manifestation of a few of the abovementioned trends — anti-design, Y2K, and maximalism. However, typography is a whole different discipline and so deserves a spotlight of its own. Designers who wish to let their hair down should remember that all “good” design is still about the result. Therefore, even the ugliest of ugly-pretty designs must still send viewers to the right call to action. The wrong move might render your work a museum piece instead of a stroke of marketing genius.

Following this trend may sometimes involve using letters as decorative elements rather than as functional text. For a successful design, just be sure that you’re hyper-aware of the distinction between your decorative and functional elements. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and boy, do we think it’s true in this case. Gen Z babies have zoomed into adulthood, and their childhood nostalgia has brought about the Y2K design trend. These visuals are designed to entertain and inform, even when they take the form of traditional data visualizations. You’ll also need someone on your team with strong design skills if you want to create unique visuals yourself.

How To Use And Incorporate 90s Retro Futurism Icons To Your Visuals

So, if you’re looking for a way to bring some creativity into your work, the rise in the popularity of custom visuals is great news for you. With so much noise on the internet, it’s more important than ever for businesses to find ways to stand out. You may also be interested in our posts on the 2021 brand trends and 2021 logo trends. Heavily influenced by the retro style, expect geometric backgrounds and patterns to stay in 2022.

This graphic also blends geometric shapes with a muted color palette as well. One thing that really surprised me this year was that a ton of brands have started using geometric shapes in their designs. Or better yet, use your brand colors as a jumping off Web Design Trends point and create a few secondary color palettes that you can use in your visual content. With health and wellness being a topic on most people’s minds, I think that organic muted colors are going to be used by a lot of consumer brands going forward.

Mobile Marketing Trends Already Shaping 2022

Stop using the most popular images and start making some of your own. As the amount of content created each year continues to increase, the need for quality images has increased as well. And to maximize the shelf life of some of these images, the creators have had to make them as generic as possible.

One brand that has embraced serif fonts over the past year is Intercom. They’re using a stylish version on their homepage that manages to marry a classic style with modern aesthetics. The rest of the pages have a white background and use bold colors as highlights.

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