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How to Record Screen in Windows 10 A Complete Guide

So to get started with OBS, first head to the official OBS website and download the Window version of installer, supported in Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. You can choose from two options now; you can either screen record the last 30 seconds of your Windows, or you create a fresh recording for as long as you want. Thankfully, for Windows users, there are numerous options for recording their PC. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

We help users easily create compelling video content for personal or business purposes without any learning curve. Click the red Recording button to start to record screen and audio on Windows 10. Next you can choose a rectangle size, custom a size or choose full screen. It can record everything on your Windows computer and save the screencast videos in MP4 or AVI format. It can record various 2D/3D games with 4K resolution, and record external video devices like webcam, PS4/Xbox, mobile phone, etc.

The best screen recorder for capturing video calls, webinars, and other online events

Windows 10 lets you drag programs to the side of the screen to ‘dock’ them on one half of the display, but Windows 11 gives you more layouts to choose from. Hover over the maximize/minimize buttons in the top-right corner of one of the open apps to see your options. To turn this feature on and off, and configure how it works, open Settings and then choose System, Multi-tasking, and Snap windows. Microsoft doesn’t recommend installing Windows 11 on devices that don’t meet the system requirements, but you’ll still be able to do so.

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  • Other third-party apps that have extensions in your browser like Vimeo are very useful and can easily be activated.
  • The video file sharing features are ShareX’s biggest advantage, because it’s easy to upload recordings directly to YouTube and other platforms.

Initially, they attributed this to a memory leak in File Explorer that was known to degrade system performance over time. Vista caused a lot of application compatibility problems because of how the OS limited permissions. Before Vista, application developers worked under the assumption that their applications could run with unlimited permissions. This led to several applications that worked in Windows XP failing in Vista. These may seem like small things, but they add in to a much better multitasking experience. While this backtrack is a good move, it remains a fact that Microsoft made a choice there that even Apple hasn’t done with Safari on macOS.

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If you have forgotten the password of your user account and you have a password reset disk, you can reset the password using the password reset disk. Find the disk or USB flash drive and use the following steps to reset the local account password. The administrator is a type Click to visit of user that has full and unrestricted access to the PC.

We believe that many users are troubled by this issue and want to know the causes & fixes. Windows 11 not showing up in Windows Update is an annoying thing that prevents you from getting Windows 11, the new version of Windows. MiniTool Software collects some useful solutions and shows them in this post. If you don’t know the exact reason for this issue, you can try these solutions one by one until you find the suitable one.

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