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AWS Certified Security Specialty

Moreover, it indicates professional stability and dedication to the organisation and services of your employer. Find out where to start, what you’ll learn, and how to successfully earn your certification. This two-part virtual learning event introduces, explains, and demonstrates the benefits and process of moving to a fully managed AWS database solution. Familiarize yourself with exam questions, multiple-choice answers, and detailed explanations for each. With AWS Training and Certification, you can begin enhancing your skills, differentiating your abilities, and mastering best practices to innovate securely and confidently.

  • It’s a great introduction to security in AWS and covers lots of the security topics at a high level.
  • This included few wrong commands, mainly due to misprints and poor typesetting.
  • What you need to understand is that once you qualify for this credential, you will be able to get on the radar of the hiring managers and clear the screening process.

The Security – Specialty certification is not an entry-level exam and the questions reflect the difficulty required to fully test the holistic knowledge of AWS security professionals. In addition to each domain, a sample exam question is provided at the end of each lesson along with a logical walk-through of how to solve it. Understanding of specialized data classifications, data protection mechanisms, data encryption methods, and AWS mechanisms to implement secure internet protocols. This course teaches how to make the most of AWS security capabilities in order to be protected in the cloud. However, the course focuses on AWS’s recommended security practices for improving the security of your data and systems in the cloud. The security characteristics of AWS’s main services such as computing, storage, networking, and database services are highlighted in this course. And, you’ll also discover how to use AWS services and tools for automation, continuous monitoring and logging, and security incident response.

Innovate with confidence and advance your career

In-depth understanding and knowledge of secure internet protocols and the mechanisms available in AWS for deploying them. Intellipaat’s team has always been quick enough to resolve my doubts and queries. To unlock this certification, you need to complete the AWS security certification training and work on all the projects and assignments that are part of this training. I’m a consultant at The Scale Factory where we empower technology teams to deliver more on the AWS cloud, through consultancy, engineering, support, and training. If you’d like to find out how we can support you and your team to secure your AWS account, get in touch. Another video resource I recommend is Architecture for Security on AWS.

Also, you get access to the Latest Updated content with Unlimited lifetime accessibility. Get hands-on training from expert instructors who will help you learn the ins and outs of AWS Cloud security, from fundamentals to advanced protection. Building your security skills allows you to pursue your objectives with greater confidence. This can help advance aws security specialist course your career as you gain the knowledge you need to bring bigger, bolder ideas to life in the cloud. Training mode is self-placed online training with 24/7 learning support. We are all the cyber security & Ethical hacking courses covering all the domains starting from Networking, Malware analysis, Python, Read team Certification, Bug bounty, IoT and more.


Both cyber security and the cloud are great topics in and of themselves, but combining the two creates a unique mixture of opportunities and challenges. As a result, obtaining an AWS Security Specialty certification will enable you to get expertise in all of these advanced areas. As a result, concentrate on enhancing your preparation by focusing on all of the critical areas.

aws security specialist course

Being an advanced-level certification, the AWS Security Specialty requires a lot more than just studying. Therefore, it is necessary to gain an advanced level of experience, together with the best study plan, exam guide, and additional training resources.

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