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9 Celebrities Who Overcame Their Heroin Drug Addiction Oro House

Addiction and substance abuse can typically run in the family, and Downey’s father had substance use issues and famously allowed him to smoke marijuana at the age of 6. Downey has been in and out of jail and rehab due to his previous drug addiction. At only 27-years old, actress Kirsten Dunst found herself in rehab at one of the most famous drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles. Luckily, Dunst has managed to turn her health around and has recently appeared in a number of movies. As his career failed to take off in the 1990s, the country singer turned more often to alcohol and drugs. By the time he had his first No. 1 hit, he was in a cycle of recovery and relapse. He credits his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, with getting him into successful treatment shortly after their marriage in 2006.

famous celebrities with addictions

It may come as a bit of a shock, then, that such a monumental media figure actually struggled with addiction herself – and to a particularly powerful and stigmatized drug no less. During one of her 1995 talk shows focusing on women who have drug problems, Oprah Winfrey admitted to her guests that she too struggled with addiction during her early 20s.

Celebrities Who’ve Battled Co-Occurring Disorders: Addiction And Mental Health Disorders

Pinsky has said on numerous occasions that Nielsen has quit drinking and also gave up smoking. Nielsen has also appeared on his radio shows to talk about her sobriety. While Pinsky and the series has won praise from both former addicts and other addiction specialists, many take issue with Pinsky’s methods. Actor Tom Sizemore, for example, who was cast celebrities who died of alcoholism for Season 3, had been sought after since Season 1. Producers have reportedly offered actress Lindsay Lohan six figures to appear on the show. Pinsky, who focuses on the treatment side of the production, is not usually involved with casting, though he reportedly visited Rachel Uchitel personally in order to convince her to join the fourth-season cast.

famous celebrities with addictions

In the early 1990s, Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, a devastating diagnosis that caused the film and television star to turn to alcohol as a form of escape. Nearly three decades later, Fox credits his family and friends for helping him overcome his battle. Kelly Osbourne has no qualms about admitting to her experiences with addiction.

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She experienced success in the late ’90s, but struggled with personal problems in the following decade. Spears was frequently in and out of mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities.

famous celebrities with addictions

She is passionate about sharing her recovery story with the world, hoping to reach at least one other, addicted person who may be feeling helpless and alone. Curtis also works with anti-drug organizations to raise awareness about the opiate epidemic, prevention, and addiction treatment efforts. Tobey Maguire struggled with alcohol addiction at the height of fame and credits his commitment to sobriety to saving his career. He is still in recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous, a choice that has allowed him to continue working and to start his own production company.

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Writer Robert Louis Stevenson, known for works like The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, reportedly counted on cocaine, then legal, to help him work. Stevenson was chronically ill with tuberculosis and relied on the stimulating effects of cocaine to help him write his novels. Will tell you, women have a higher risk of cravings and relapse, which are critical phases of the addiction cycle.

“Days of Our Lives” actor Jason Cook was arrested for drug possession and public intoxication in 2005. While he was still struggling, actor Jeremy London denied his drug use with a ridiculous story about how a guy kidnapped him and forced him to use drugs. “Full House” actress Mary-Kate Olsen suffered with anorexia and a related cocaine addiction that led her to rehab. The Olsen twins have since designed a $55,000 pill-covered handbag. During the second-season premiere, Kusina speaks to Jeff Conaway during his physical examination, and later to Gary Busey regarding his prescriptions. Pinsky introduces her to the group as “Sasha the Nurse” in the beginning of that episode’s last Act.

Famous People Alive Today Who Have Battled Addiction

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  • Demi Moore opened up about her addiction struggles on Jada Pinkett Smith’sRed Table Talk, letting her daughters speak candidly about how their mother’s addiction had affected them.
  • Today, Downey is a well-known actor and has starred in roles such as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.
  • During the early part of her career in the 1990s, the pop star was hitting the clubs nearly every night and is said to have been addicted to ecstasy and crystal meth.
  • Save for a brief relapse in 2008 when she was arrested for purchasing cocaine, O’Neal has remained on her path to wellness ever since.
  • The sixth season, which filmed in early 2012, featured non-celebrities as treatment subjects, and the series name shortened to Rehab with Dr. Drew.

At press time, another example of celebrity substance abuse has surfaced. The death of pop star Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, is being investigated for this possibility. Later, Osler, as Halsted’s physician, had a secret diary that documented Halsted’s continued addiction to morphine. As long as he lived, he will occasionally have a relapse and go back on the drug.” Thus, Halsted led a life of controlled addiction. It is conceivable that a supportive, mutually trusting doctor-patient relationship played a large role in causing this favorable outcome, allowing Halsted’s numerous achievements despite his addiction.

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